• World Geography is divided into six units

    Unit 1 Geographic Principles

    Unit 2 The Americas

    Unit 3 Europe and Northern Eurasia

    Unit 4 Asia, Australia, and Oceania

    Unit 5 Middle East and North Africa

    Unit 6 Sub-Saharan Africa

    Students can access all of the course information from my Canvas page and Microsoft OneNote (Daily Agenda)

    In the OneNote Daily Agenda, students can find daily objectives/activities, bell ringers, videos, and due dates.

    Students have access to this information in their individual OneNote folders.


    All assignments are due on their scheduled due date. If a student is absent on the day an assignment is due, they have three days to make up the assignment. It is imperative that students turn in all assignments on their due dates

    Students will be working in their Microsoft OneNote daily and should keep up with all assignments found in their World Geography OneNote folders. All course information can be found in the WG OneNote daily agenda.

    Contact Mrs. Billings with any questions or concerns laura.billings@cpsb.org