• Dolby Elementary School


                  The faculty and staff of Dolby Elementary are dedicated to providing each child a quality education based on academic excellence while striving to meet his or her individual needs. We are dedicated to providing not only foundational academic skills but also to teach children character traits to help them reach their full potential both inside and outside of the classroom. Close working relationships among teachers, parents, administrators, and children are essential in providing the best possible instructional program.

              Dolby Elementary is dedicated to tracking progress towards meeting our overall school & individual student goals. That dedication is part of how we were named a Louisiana Come Back Campus by the Louisiana Department of Education, meaning our student’s LEAP ELA scores are back to the achievement level they were at before the COVID 19 pandemic. While we grateful for the award we will continue to strive each year to grow our LEAP scores in all subjects.

    In order to help accomplish this growth, the staff of Dolby Elementary is continually involved in ongoing professional development activities both on our campus & within our district. Our teachers and staff regularly attend and make presentations at numerous local, state, and national conferences. We conduct Professional Learning Community meetings weekly to analyze data & curriculum, examine student work, and improve instruction. We also hold Strategic Planning every spring to focus on aligning our process and planning schoolwide events.

              We have strong partnerships with the community. We host several teacher candidates from McNeese State University. Additionally, we rely on community partnerships with Pizza Artista and St. John Lutheran Church.

              We are so proud on our high-performing students, hard-working teachers, dedicated staff members, and actively involved parents and partners. Through leadership, strategic planning, data analysis, and professional development we are striving for the continuous improvement of our learning environment and development of our students into future leaders.