• Unit Overview

    Unit 1 asks students to consider how carefully selected words can have power. Through a study of argumentative texts, students develop the ability to identify how authors attempt to persuade their audiences—and how they can use those same techniques to strengthen their own writing. This unit asks students to take a stance on multiple topics, including issues related to technology and human rights. By reading a wide variety of texts and developing their own arguments, students will learn to use persuasion as a tool to communicate their ideas.


    Assignments and grades consist of the following:

    - Bell work

    - In-class assignments

    - Reading & vocabulary quizzes

    - Research project


    Grading Scale:

    A = 93-100

    B = 92-85

    C = 84-75

    D = 74-67

    F = 66 and below


    There will be a minimum of 9 grades recorded each nine weeks. Grades will be updated weekly in Student Progress Center (SPC).    

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