Weekly Assignments

  • Computer Enrichment Weekly Assignments

    Week of August 14-18

    -Go over Class Rules and Expectations

    -Go over Computer Care and Safety

    -Practice logging in and access

    - Sending a Proper email assignment

     Week of August 21-25

    -Go over Keyboarding Postures and Techniques

    - Log in typing and begin typing lesson 1 (F,J, and space bar)

    -Continue Typing Lessons 1-4

    -Begin Lessons 5-9

    WEEK OF Aug. 28-Sept. 1

    -Monday: Lessons 6-7

    -Tuesday: Beginner Lessons 8-9

    -Wednesday: Beginner Lessons 10-12

    -Thursday: Lessons 13-15

    -Friday: Typing Test 

    WEEK OF Sept. 5-8

     Complete Intermediate Lessons 

    Tuesday: Lesson 1 Wednesday: Lesson 2 Thursday: Lesson 3 Friday: Typing Test in Class/Makeups

    Week of Sept. 11-15 Complete Intermediate Lessons
    Monday: Lesson 4 Tuesday: Lesson 5 Wednesday: Lesson 6 Thursday: Lesson 7 Friday: Typing Test in Class/Makeups

    Week of Sept. 18-22: Complete Intermediate Lessons

    Monday: Lesson 8  Tuesday: Lesson 9  Wednesday: Lesson 10  Thursday: Lesson 11  Friday: Typing Test in Class/Makeups

    Week of Sept. 25-29: Finish Intermediate Assessment and Begin Advanced Lessons

    Monday: Lesson 12 (10 times)  Tuesday: Lesson 1- Advanced  Wednesday: Lesson 2  Thursday: Lesson 3  Friday: Typing Test

    Week Of Sept. 2-4: Complete Advanced Lessons 

    Monday: Adv. 4  Tuesday: Adv. 5 Wednesday: Adv. 6  Thursday: FALL BREAK Friday: FALL BREAK

    WEEK OF Sept. 10-13

    Mon: Adv. 7  Tues: Adv. 8  Wed: Finish Advanced Lessons/Typing Tournament  Thur: Typing Tournament  Fri: Typing Test/Typing Tournament

     WEEK OF October 23-27 

    Power Point Projectfavoritethings.doc - click on link to view power point rubric

    Monday: Begin "Favorite Things" PowerPoint  Tues:  "Favorite Things" PowerPoint  Wed: PowerPoint  Thurs: PowerPoint  Friday: Typing Test/Make-ups, PowerPoint

    Week of 10/30-11/3

    Power Point Favorite Sport Project.doc - click on link to view power point rubric

    Monday: Begin Research Power Point  Tues-Thursday: Work on Power Point  Friday: Typing Test/Power Point


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