• Theme 3 Our Community Week 1 October 18th-22nd

    Weekly Focus: What are the places in our community?  

    Website/App:These are our online learning sites that we use in the classroom daily.  



    Practicing Math & Literacy Skills:  

    WOW words:

    • community-a place where people live, work, & play
    • bustling-when a place is crowded and busy
    • neighbor-someone who lives near you 
    • interact-you talk, play, or do other things together with others
    • dash-to run a short distance very fast

    ~Math: Compares using measurable attributes - Gather small objects and place them in a mystery bag(brown sack). Have your child choose 2 items and help them to compare their characteristics.  For example: Which is taller/shorter/heavier/lighter/bigger/smaller? Ask-How can you tell?

    ~ELA: Recognize Bb and its letter-sound relationship  -  Go on  a button hunt in the closet. Look for different kinds of buttons and describe them in a complete sentence, such as; "This button is big and red." Encourage your child to use complete sentences.

    *Help your child learn the words that identify where things are located. Model using the words up, down, on top of, under, next to, behind or in front of.

    ~Social Studies:  As you travel in your community, point out and name the different places and what is special about each, such as; library, post office, fire station, vet's office, or grocery store.

    Books/Videos: Resources on Youtube 

    All Through My Town 

    Types of Communities 

    Mr B Letter Song

    Letter Bb  by Have Fun Teaching

    Learn the Letter Bb by Jack Hartmann

    Letter Bb by Heidi Songs 

    Homes for Everyone by Jennifer B Gillis

    Same and Different

    What is an Attribute?


  • Theme 2 All About Me Week 4 Oct 4th-8th

    How can we keep ourselves safe?

    Website/App:These are our online learning sites that we use in the classroom daily.  




    Practicing Math & Literacy Skills:  

    ~WOW words this week:  

    • Safety-doing things that keep you and others safe 
    • Equipment-all the things a person needs to do a job 
    • Cautious-being careful to stay away from danger 
    • Distract-take the attention away from what someone is trying to do 
    • Admire-liking a person a lot 

    ~Understanding ordinal positions (first, last, second, third, fourth, fifth)  Use a variety of small objects, such as crayons, toy people or animals, have student practice ordinality by lining up the objects and then pointing to each one, telling if it is first, second, third, and so on. 

    ~Recognize Aa and its letter-sound relationship. Look for letter Aa in print at home (like on food boxes, books, etc) 

    ~Continue to identify/name letters in own name and writing first name. 

    Creative Challenges: Make a book by folding 2 or 3 sheets of paper in half and allow the student to draw pictures of doing things safely.  Invite child to label/write a story about their drawings. 

    Books/Videos: Resources on Youtube 

    I Keep Myself Safe 

    Ordinal Numbers by Jack Hartmann 

    Ms A Letter Person Song 

    Letter A by Heidi Songs 

    Letter A Song by Jack Hartmann 

    Letter A by Have Fun Teaching 

    Daily Safety Song 

  • Theme 1 Week 2  How do we learn at school?  

    Theme 1 At School Week 2 

    Website/App:  https://digathome.frogstreet.com/ (Links to an external site.) This is our parent portal for our curriculum. 

    Weekly Focus: How do we learn at school?  

    • Talk to your child about what he is learning at school.  
    • Talk about how we stay safe at school and home. 
    • Compare rules at school to rules at home. How are they the same or different. 

    Practicing Math & Literacy Skills:  

    ~WOW words this week 

    • Explore – is when you try to find out all there is to know about something. 
    • Discover – When you discover something you see it or learn about it for the first time. 
    • Responsible – When you are responsible for something, you have to take care of it. 
    • Alert – When you are alert, you pay close attention to what is happening around you. 
    • Careful – When you are careful, you keep something from getting hurt or broken. 

    ~Have students continue to sort items by color or shape. (Use legos, blocks, toys, stuff in the kitchen like utensils) 

    ~After sorting items make a pattern with 2 groups (like fork, spoon, fork, spoon) 

    ~Continue working on identifying letters in child’s name. 

    Books/Videos: Resources on Youtube 

    Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (Links to an external site.) by Bill Martin Jr 

    How Kind? (Links to an external site.) By Mary Murphy 

    Banana, Banana, Meatball Pattern Song (Links to an external site.) on GoNoodle 

    Pump Up the Pattern (Links to an external site.) by Jack Hartmann