If you have to quarantine, this is what you need to do.

  • Check the Calendar Tab

    It will list the Lesson, M4T, and Multiplication fact we are on for the day.

    The Website tab has log in information for our most used sites. 

    Eureka Math Lesson

    1. Go to Launchpad, Clever, then Zearn and complete the Lesson Mission.

    2. If you have your Learn Workbook, complete the Problem Set and Exit Ticket.

    3. If you do not have your Learn Workbook, go to Launchpad, Clever, Great Minds, and complete the Lesson you are missing. It will show up when you log in. 

    4. If you need extra practice, you can complete the Homework in the Red workbook.

    5. You can email me a picture of the work for me to check it. 


    1. Work in the blue M4T folder. Day 1 is Monday, Day 2 is Tuesday, Day 3 is Wednesday, Day 4 is Thursday. Don't forget to work the word problems on the back.  

    2. We have a M4T quiz every Friday on the weeks lessons. 

    3. A study guide for the quiz is given on Wednesdays. 

    Multiplication Facts

    1. Check the Calendar tab to see what multiplication fact we are working on for the week. 

    2. You can practice the weekly fact any way you would like. 

    3. Make flashcards to help you study.

    4. Log in to Boom and complete any of the fact of the week work. 

    5. We have a Multiplication Fact quiz every Friday.