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  • Senior Portraits Questions and Make Up Day

    Senior Individual Make Up Day will be January 30th from 8:00 am - 1:00 pm. Check back for more information. If you have questions about your Senior Portraits that were taken by LifeTouch, please contact them at 337-984-9766. Be sure to leave a message if they do not answer so they can return your call.

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  • WorkKeys Testing: Begins Jan 27th-28th

    WorkKeys for seniors will begin JAN 27th and run until Jan 28th. Please check wall near the counselors' office and Mrs Evans office (217) for your name, date, and test site. All seniors must take the WorkKeys test. The Goal on each section is a SILVER. This includes any offsite senior attending T&I, W-M, Sowela, and MSU. If you have any questions, please see Mrs. B White, Ms, Vidrine, or Mrs. Evans.

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  • Attendance Recovery Information: Spring Session

    Attendance Recovery is from Jan 21 through March 10, Monday - Thursday and on SELECTIVE Saturdays. This is not a "pop in" event. Weekdays begin at 3:15 pm - 5:15 pm. Saturdays will begin at 8:15 am to 12:15 pm. YOU MUST attend on time in order to enter the room. The cost is $20 per course, with a cap of $80. Star Fs will display on your report card and Home Access until TIME and MONEY is completed and collected. Make sure you START your time even if you are unable to pay at that time. Arrangements can be made, however, the time is limited. Please click on link for more information and calendar.

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  • Recovery Icontracts and Credit Recovery through Odysseyware

    Students who failed the 1st or 2nd nine weeks or 1st semester are eligible for Grade or Credit Recovery. Students should enter into an agreement with their teacher for Grade Recovery I-contracts. visit their school counselor, or stop by Mrs Evans office (room 217) for signup and information. This recovery is FREE. All is needed is determination and commitment from YOU.

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  • Blessed with a Dress - Prom 2020

    Blessed with a Dress is having our Prom event on Sunday, February 9, 2020. Located at Lake Charles Toyota. Click on READ FULL STORY for FLYER

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  • Scholarship Page Updated

    Don't Wait. Invest in your future you. The Scholarship Page has been updated!! Go get that Money

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  • Are you interested in Law Enforcement? Lake Charles Police Department may be the right place for you.

    Next recruiting event is Feb 29 at the Lake Charles Civic Center. If you would like more information on this career options, click on READ FULL STORY for details and contact information.

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  • Parents Just Don't Understand Workshop - Jan 25

    The Literacy Council will be hosting a panel workshop for parents with teens entitled "Parents Just Don't Understand ". This workshop is scheduled for January 25th at 9:30am at the Literacy Council Our panel is made up of individuals who work with teens daily who may be able to provide some insights to parents who are looking for different ways to connect with their teens.

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  • Changes to Announcements in 2020 - Electronically to Emails

    2020 will bring about additional changes for our announcements—in continuation of the “Bring your Devices to School” program-- your morning announcements will be available via e-mail for both teachers & students. Every student has a cpsb email account. If you haven’t accessed it yet, you should get in the habit of doing so. Students’ email accounts consist of their first & last initials followed by your 7 digit id number and Your password is the same password you use to log onto any computer on campus. There will be flyers around campus, our monitors & our schools’ web site to assist you. Check it out now.

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  • 2nd Nine Weeks Report Card

    2nd Nine Weeks REPORT Card will be issued on Jan 8th. In addition, you may access your grades and attendance by visiting the Student Progress Center (A+ icon)at Parents may contact the front office or counselors' office for PSN number to access account. *NOTE: Look for Star Fs next to course grade. Star Fs (*F) indicate you have been denied credit due to attendance and you must attend seat time. Please look for Attendance Recovery announcements or signs around the school.

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  • Sweetheart Court

    Sweetheart Court is here!!! Yes, LaGrange High, we will have our very own sweetheart court for Basketball Season! If you are interested in placing your name on the voting ballot, this is what you need to know.... Sweetheart court is for males & females. You cannot have disciplinary issues this school year, which includes suspensions, fights, or expulsions. No attendance issues with skipping class. Must have a minimum 2.5 GPA. Freshman: Sign up with Ms. Drake or Ms. Grey. 10-12 Grade: Sign up outside of Mrs. Evans door. You can sign up Tues-Thursday of this week. The official vote will be held after the Christmas break.

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  • Graduate Sales: Senior CAP, GOWN & Supplies Collection -Feb 11

    Graduate Sales will be on campus to collect money for senior supplies and Lettermen Jackets on FEB 11th from 11:05 am - 12:30 pm in the boys' gym concession area. Seniors should make arrangements to make their payments as soon as possible. If you are ordering only the necessities for graduation, the total cost is $115.41. If you are more than cap/gown, a $100 deposit is required to start an order.

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    Need help completing the FAFSA? No problem. It's only a phone call away. Contact Lela's FAFSA HELPline - (844) 463-2372. They have had tremendous success with phone completions. ALSO, Seniors, please submit your FAFSA waiver letter to Ms. White or forward FAFSA APPROVAL email to Remember, FAFSA documentation is needed for graduation.

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  • Student of the Year - Kristen R

    Congratulations to LaGrange High 2019-20 Student of the Year, Miss Kristen R.

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  • See and Tell: Crime Stoppers and CPSB

    You can receive up to $500 for information leading to the recovery of a gun on campus. See and Tell! Call Crime Stoppers at 337-439-2222 to report anonymously. A code will be given to you. Police, Safe School Officer, and Administration will be notified to begin the investigation.

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