• Middle School Tier 3  ELA / Social Studies


    Students in my class will be using edgenuity for their classroom assignments.  I will assign a certain number of assignments that they must complete each week.  I will also give them written assignments that are aligned with the material covered in the lessons as well as the standards found on Louisiana's believes website.  


    Students at CPAS are assigned here for many reasons.  For your child to be released from CPAS they must meet these requirements. 

    1.They will attend the amount of days they have been assigned to us ( ex. 45 days ).   Missing days will mean that your child may have to make those days up which will extend their time with us.

    2. They should have a good attitude and have good behavior or for each offense their time will us can be extended.

    3. They must show growth in the Iready program.  From the day they start with us to their release date,  they must show that they have increased their reading and math proficiency.

    4. They must complete lessons in suite 360 that teach them social skills that will help them deal with the reason why they were assigned to our school.

    5. They must have a passing grade in all four core classes or they will not be released back to their home school.


    Contact info for CPAS :  337 - 217- 4290