Policies & Info

  • Library Hours - 7:30-3:30

    Open Access - You do not need to create a pass in ehallpass to come during the following times.

    • Before school - 7:30-7:40
    • During your lunch (closed 11:42-12:03 daily)
    • After school - 3:06pm-3:30pm

    Access during Class - You will need to ask your teacher for permission. Then create an appointment pass in e-hallpass and wait for approval before heading to the library.

    Library Procedures

    Enter the library quietly and follow the directions given.

    If you are entering with your class or during class, your book bag needs to be placed in the cubbies to the left of the door.

    No gum, food or drinks allowed.

    Lunch Procedures:

    • Enter through the courtyard door. Do not use the front hallway door.
    • If the library is closed during lunch, there will be a sign on the courtyard door.
    • You may not eat your lunch in the library. You also may not have a drink in the library.
    • You may keep your book bag with you at the tables. Do not bring your book bag with you to the shelves/stacks.
    • 4 students only to a table. Please push in your chairs when you leave.
    • Please be mindful of other students who are trying to work/study.  Keep your voice low.

    Circulation Policy

    To check out books and other materials, you must have your school ID tag or a temporary tag.


    • 2-3 books may be checked out at a time
    • Books are checked out for 14 school days.
    • The due date will be stamped on the back.
    • Books may be renewed TWO times through Access-it before you need to bring the book into the library. Learn how to Renew your book here.

    Interlibrary Loans

    Borrowing books from another school has been paused while the librarians learn more about our new catalog system, Access-it.


    Magazines may not be checked out, but you are welcome to enjoy them when you visit the library.

    Reference Books

    With permission from the librarian, you may check out a reference book, but it must be returned the following morning before 7:45am.

    Overdue Books

    Overdue notices will be emailed to your school email address.

    The system will email you a notice letting you know that your book is due soon.

    Remember you can renew your book TWO times in Access-it.

    To be cleared, return or renew the books.

    Lost or Damaged Books

    Report lost or damaged books immediately.

    Patrons will be charged the original cost for lost or damaged books.

    Patrons should not lend books to others as they will be held responsible for payment if the book is lost.






    Computer/Laptop Workstations

    Laptop stations provide a place for you to plug-in your charger and to hard-wire to the Internet.  


    School Supplies

    The following school supplies are available to use:

    • markers
    • pencil colors
    • glue
    • scissors
    • 3 hole punch
    • stapler
    • pencil sharpener
    • tape
    • ruler
    • lined paper
    • white paper
    • calculator

    Items may not be removed from the library. 

    Laptop/Technology Issues

    • If you need to report an issue with your laptop or if it is broken, please create an appointment pass in e-hallpass to see Mrs. White during your Fuel class. 
    • Please wait for approval before heading to the library.