Policies & Info

  • Library Hours

    7:30am - 3:30pm
    Open Access Times:
    Before School - 7:30am - 7:40 am
    Both Lunches - 1st lunch(11:09-11:39) and 2nd Lunch(12:00-12:30)
    Closed between the lunches: 11:39-12:00 everyday, unless a class is scheduled.
    After School until 3:30pm
    *You may come to the library during class any day, if there is not a class scheduled, but you must have your planner signed or a library pass.  

    Checking out Books

    To check out books and other materials, you must have your ID tag or a temporary tag.
    2-3 books at a time, unless you have permission from the librarian
    Books are checked out for 21 school days (Due date stamped on the back)
    Books may be renewed, if no hold has been placed
    Magazines/Periodicals are for use in the library only.
    Reference Books/Material
    Due to the cost of reference books, you must be in good standing with the library to be considered for checking out reference material.
    Reference books/material may only be checked out overnight and must be returned by 8:00am.
    When searching in Destiny, if you find a book that you want and it says "ASK".  Fill out an Interlibrary Loan Request located at the circulation counter.  You must provide the title of the book, author, your name (first and last), ID number, and the name of your English teacher.  Give Mrs. White your request form.  It will take up to 2-3 weeks to receive the book.  When the book comes in, Mrs. White will email you to let you know.


     Library Procedures

    You may come to the library during class, if a class is not scheduled in the library, but you must have your planner signed. 
    Enter quietly.
    No gum, food, or drinks allowed.
    Place book bags in the cubbies to the left of the front door.
    If you are with a scheduled class, find a seat at the tables in the back. No more than 4 students to a table.
    • At lunch, you must enter the library through the door in the courtyard.  You may not enter the library through the hallway during lunch.
    • If the library will be closed at lunch, a sign will be posted on the courtyard door.
    • Please remember you may NOT eat or drink in the library.  All food and drinks must be stored in your backpack or lunch box
    • Backpacks may be kept at the tables during lunch or in the cubbies, but backpacks are NEVER allowed in the shelves/stacks of books.
    • You may look for a book during lunch, but you and your friends cannot visit or congregate in the shelves.

    Overdue Books and Fines

    $.10 per book, per day will be charged for overdue book(s) until item(s) are returned.
    Due dates are stamped on the back of your book when you check out.
    Overdue notices will be sent out every three weeks and will be given to you by your FUEL teacher.
    To be cleared, pay the fine and return or renew the book(s).
    Weekends and holidays do not count against you.

    Lost or Damaged Books

    Report lost or damaged books immediately.
    Patrons will be charged the original cost for lost or damaged books.
    Patrons should not lend books to others as they will be held responsible for payment if the book is lost.


    Black and White printing is FREE if it is for homework or class work.
    One copy of each document is allowed. No multiple copies can be made.
    If more than one copy is printed, you will be asked to pay $.10 per page.
    Color printing is available for $.25 per page. See Mrs. White for color printing.
    If you have questions about printing, please ask.

    Copy Machine

    $.10 per copy
    Request copies from the librarian.
    Copies will only be made for educational purposes.

    Computer Work Stations

    29 Computer Work Stations are available for student use.
    Students may use the computers for school related assignments. 
    Electronic research will take priority.  If a class is scheduled for research, the computers will not be available for other students to use.
    A copy of the CPSB Acceptable Use Policy must be on file for each student.Report computer problems immediately.  Please do not try to fix problems.
    Please do not change any settings on the computer.