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  • Makey Makey How To Video Courses
    "Invent Everywhere! Ready to start inventing? First set up takes seconds. Start out easy with a banana piano. Then create game controllers, invent musical instruments, make voting machines, and light up paper circuits. Connect Makey Makey to the world of things around you, and the possibilities are endless!" 

    Makey Makey Instructables Teachers Projects
    "Classrooms are going bananas for Makey Makey! Check out these great cross-curricular projects on Instructables made by teachers like you!"

    Makey Makey Plug & Play Apps
    "The new Makey Makey Apps are the culmination of years of learning and play at JoyLabz. We took our tried-and-true piano app that was created when Makey Makey was first introduced, and we took it up a level alongside a number of new apps that we have created from the ground up. The new apps all have a number of cool features and are adjustable so you can plug and play your next invention."



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    "Check out our latest professional learning resources designed to help you master this ever-changing world of technology alongside your students. Wonder Workshop is committed to accelerating the adoption of computer science principles in 21st-century classrooms. Join a community of educators from across the globe, preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s world."