• Tech Gadgets are available for CPSB classroom teachers to checkout from the CPSB Technology Training Center to support curriculum and extend learning objectives to include 21st century skills such as critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and  creativity. Teacher resources including how-to information, lessons, and activities to support curriculum can be found on the Tech Gadget Teacher Resources page. Currently, the following gadgets are available. Click any of the names to visit the manufacturer's website for more information. 

    Makey Makey
    Sphero Bolt
    Class VR*
    BeeBot robots (K-2)
    ProBot robots
    Wonder Workshop's Dash robots (ages 6+)
    Wonder Workshop's Cue robots (ages 11+)
    Photon robots
    Osmo kits

    To request a checkout of any of the gadgets, email your request to your school's assigned Tech Facilitator at least 10 days prior to when needed in the classroom.

    *Teachers who request to check out ClassVR goggles will receive a request to create a ClassVR teacher account using their Microsoft credentials. When scheduling delivery, they need to plan for a 20-minute consultation with a facilitator to learn how to plan and deliver lessons from the ClassVR platform. In email request, include holly.doga@cpsb.org to arrange for a consultation and delivery of devices.      

    In the email request, include the following information:

    • grade level in which the gadgets will be used
    • number of students to use gadget
    • subject for which the gadgets will be used
    • brief description of how the gadgets will be integrated to support the curriculum 
    • any applicable ISTE Standards for Students addressed

    Once submitted, an email confirmation will be sent to arrange pickup. Items need to be signed for, picked up, and returned by the responsible party. We are located at 1724 Kirkman Street in Lake Charles. Based upon availability, items can be checked out for classroom use for two weeks at a time beginning on the day they are picked up. Teachers may check out one set at a time. Please email pam.nicholson@cpsb.org with any questions. 

    Looking for the WIN a Bag of Teacher Swag entry form? Click HERE and select November to participate any time through May 20, 2024.

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    Visit the Tech Gadget Vendor page for purchasing information.