Virtual Instruction Program

  • We are excited to introduce CPSB's new Virtual Instruction Program for those students in grades 9th-12th. This program will give students the opportunity to enroll in advanced courses while remaining on their own high school campuses. V.I.P. will provide all schools with access to a diverse menu of dual enrollment courses, a Biomedical STEM pathway, an Engineering STEM pathway, and courses that are of high interest to students but may not currently be available due to staffing. 


    Through this program, virtual learning will be defined as synchronous instruction with the teacher and student simply at two different locations. Included in the new Virtual Instruction Program are two new STEM Pathways, 16 new dual enrollment courses, and additional high school offerings. The benefits of students enrolling in V.I.P. courses include boosting their GPA with courses that count on a 5-point scale, earning course credits that transfer to other Louisiana universities, and distinguishing themselves from fellow classmates on scholarship applications. The program will allow students to develop a competitive edge when applying in the job market following graduation. 


    Full Program Brochure