• SSEP is an annual experience allowing students to experiment about what physical, biological, or chemical system they would like to see tested
    with gravity seemingly turned off for a period of time. This experiment has the potential to fly with astronauts to the International Space Station.

  • We want to congratulate the following F.K. White students: Priscilla Moncada, Edith Evey, and Cynthia Chulo. Out of 1,234 submissions, they were selected to be a part of the final 21 teams to have their experiment sent to the International Space Station. These amazing students wrote the Sunflower Microgravity Growth experiment, and have the honor of it being tested by the astronauts on Mission 16. It is expected to launch from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida later this year. 

    This is an outstanding accomplishment. Their hard work, dedication, and long hours do not go unnoticed. We cannot wait to see y'all continue to grow, succeed, and reach for the stars.