• 01/22/24:

    Use a protractor to measure angles




    Math - Module 3 math study guide has been passed out to the students. Please use it to study for the module 3 test. I posted the answer key on my website.  Only use it to help you to solve problems you didn't understand.

    Social Studies - The Westward Expansion Project is due next week.  



    12/04/23: Mrs. O'Neal's Class Homework

                    Mon: Finish your Topic B quiz Study Guide.

                    Tues: Lesson 10 Page 151-153: 1-6 all.

                    Wed: Module 3 Topic B Quiz. No Homework

                    Thu: Lesson 12 Page 178-180: 5-8 all.

                    Fri: Lesson 13 and No homework. 

    11/29/23:  Change in Mrs. O'Neal's Math class.  The Module 3 Topic B quiz has been moved to next week.  The homework for Wednesday and Thursday has also been changed.  

    Wednesday: Page 93-98: 2, 4, and 6

    Thursday: page 107 - 112: 1-7 Odd.


    11/28/23: Module 3 Topic A and Topic B Quiz Study Guide Answer Key have been posted on my website and Canvas.