• Mathcounts meetings are held every THURSDAY after school until 3:50 in Ms. Reed's room 1205
    Mathcounts sponsors: Tiffany Reed & Lenore Carroll
    The mission of MATHCOUNTS is to increase enthusiasm for and enhance achievement in middle school mathematics throughout the United States.  With that goal in mind, the MATHCOUNTS Foundation administers a nationwide math coaching and competition program.  The school coaching season begins at the start of the school year.  The competition season begins in the winter when participating schools administer  the school competition and select up to eight students (i.e. one team of 4 and up to 4 additional individuals) to compete at local competitions in February.  The local competition is held at McNeese State University.  The top two individual scorers will be awarded a 4-year scholarship to McNeese; $1,000 per year for 1st place and $750 per year for 2nd place.  Winners progress to state competitions in March.  The top four scorers and top coach earn the privilege to represent their state at the National Competition in May.

    MATHCOUNTS Curriculum

    MATHCOUNTS questions are written with the 7th and 8th grade curriculum in mind although 6th graders are also eligible to compete.  In addition, many problems are designed to challenge and accelerate student learning, and questions become progressively harder at each level of competition.  Possible topics include:

    • Estimation and Approximation

    • Computation: wholes, integers, rationals, roots, percentages, averages, exponents, proportions

    • Equivalent Expressions: fractions, decimals, percents, exponential expressions

    • Statistics: mean, median, mode, min/max, range, statistical graphs

    • Probability: simple events combinations, permutations, counting properties

    • Measurement: linear, area, volume, conversions, temperature, time, scientific notation

    • Equations and Inequalities: linear equations, inequalities, percent sentences

    • Geometry: parallel and perpendicular lines, circles, polygons, areas, volumes, Pythagorean property

    • charts, Graphs and Tables: Cartesian coordinates, data analysis

    • Number Theory: series, patterns, primes and composites, LCM, GCF, modular arithmetic, divisibility

    • Consumer Math: mixtures, discounts, mark-ups

    • Algebra: order of operations, variable expressions

    • Logic: Boolean algebra, Venn diagram, symbolic logic

    Eligible Participants

    Students enrolled in the 6th, 7th, or 8th grade are eligible to participate in MATHCOUNTS competitions.  Students at Maplewood are invited to join based on the previous years standardized test scores in mathematics.