Welcome to Mrs. Lala's 4th Grade Class

  • What to expect in 4th grade 😊 

    It is important that your child enters fourth grade reading at grade level with solid comprehension skills. They will be reading across the curriculum in all subjects and will be expected to have a deep understanding of what they read.  

    Social Studies: In Social Studies your child will be learning about The Ancient World. In grade 4 students are introduced to the story of human civilization and will examine key characteristics of society, government, and culture in the ancient Near East, Northern Africa, India, Greece, Rome, China, and the Americas.

    Science: In Science your child will be learning Energy Conversions, Vision and Light, Earth’s Features, and Waves, Energy, and Information. In each unit students will use a simulation tool as a model to help them answer questions about the real world. As well as completing hands-on experiments in class to help gain knowledge and a better understanding of what is being taught. 

    Behavior Expectations for fourth graders: 

    Behavior will play an important role in students being allowed on field trips this year. 


    • Follow classroom procedures. 

    • Use kind words. 

    • Listen when others are speaking. 

    • Keep hands and feet to yourself. 

    • Always respect all teachers and classmates.


    • Use supplies and technology appropriately. 

    • Ask questions. 

    • Complete your work with pride and effort. 

    • Follow all the walking and line procedures.

    • Use playground equipment properly and safely.  


    • Always report concerns or wrong doings to an adult immediately. 

    • Be helpful. 

    • Keep our classroom clean. 

    • Be an active learner. 

    • Take care of your classroom family. 

    Consequences of behavior: 

    • Level 1 or 2 Infraction = Mark on clipboard (receives silent lunch). 

    • 3 marks in 1 day = “N” in conduct and an ODR (Office Discipline Referral) 

    • 5+ marks in 1 week = “N” in conduct, parent conference and ODR. 

    • Level 3or 4 Infraction = “N” in conduct and ODR.