Futuristic Minecraft with CPSB
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    The CPSB Technology Training Center launched monthly Minecraft competitions for students to compete with others in the District during the 22–23 academic year.  For the challenge, students could either work individually or in teams.  The competitions were open to students at all grade-levels. 

    These tasks were designed to encourage students to use their innovative thinking abilities within the Minecraft platform to create greater possibilities for the people in their community. All of the tasks were centered on issues and difficulties that the area was facing, as well as solutions for creating a society that is both inclusive and sustainable while improving the city for a better tomorrow. 

    The challenges that students participate in throughout the academic year are described below.

    Futuristic Home Challenge- Design a home that is future forward and can withstand a natural disaster. 

    Lakefront Development Challenge- Build and design an attraction on the lakefront that is accessible and inclusive for all children.   

    Krewe de Minecraft Challenge- Build an eco-friendly parade float that displays your culture and/or you as an individual. 

    Face-to-Face Challenge- Build a new Calcaiseu River Bridge for the city.


Minecraft announcement by Holly Doga
  • Lakefront Development Challenge- Winning Designs

    Students invest a lot of time and effort into developing a tourist attraction that is open to everyone.  Accessible ramps, accessible swing sets, interpreters, braille on the walls, calming rooms and areas for overstimulated kids are a few of the features you'll see in the winning designs. A video showcasing some of these fantastic builds can be found below. 





  • Mayor of Lake Charles

    After the Lakefront Challenge, the participants and the mayor, Nic Hunter, met via zoom call to discuss their plans and vision for making the city more inclusive and accessible. He also talked about upcoming and ongoing city-wide projects and how students can get involved with improvements to the city.  Also present were Michael Castille and Kimberly Dellafosse.  

    During the face-to-face competition, the students got the opportunity to meet with the Mayor to share out their plans, designs, and research for the new bridge they were constructing for the city. 


    Nic Hunter

    Nic Hunter


  • Krewe de Minecraft Challenge- 1st Place Team Overall

    The STEM Stampede team from E.K. Key Elementary, did an outstanding and excellent job of representing a variety of cultures and explaining how their float was environmentally friendly.  Here is a video of their winning entry. 


  • Krewe de Minecraft- Individual Overall Winner

    This Vinton Middle School winner created an incredible alligator float that was sporting a jester hat. His theme, Krewe de Gata, was set on Boubon Street New Orleans, to give all viewers a feel of Mardi Gras. He did a fantastic job providing explanations and specifics for his design. 

  • Face-to-Face Challenge

    Students took part in a face-to-face challenge where teams had to construct a brand-new Calcasieu River Bridge for the city.  The teams had to conduct research, create their designs through Minecraft Education, and present them to the judges. Below is a video of the winning designs along with others that were built. 







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