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  • Making a teacher website a one-stop digital hub for parents and guardians is beneficial for visitors and for teachers. Consider the time spent replying to commonly asked questions via email. Proactively addressing these questions on a teacher website can provide answers to questions and save time on email management. Below are some examples of the general information that might be beneficial.

    Student Course Resources

    This year, students will be working in the Springboard digital platform for our class content. Their course calendar and classroom communications take place within Canvas/Teams where detailed assignment information is shared with students in the calendar or as an announcement. While parents cannot access these platforms, students have accounts which can be accessed via Launchpad, a single-sign on provider. When accessing Launchpad off the CPSB network, students will be prompted to sign in with their CPSB username and password before their dashboard opens. 

    Parent/Guardian Course Resources
    Classroom policies regarding grading and absences can be viewed in this OneNote Notebook which also includes an overview of the units of study this school year. 


    Homework Help
    CPSB provides a Homework Help page for parents, guardians and students. 

    Course Communications
    Parents and legal guardians can receive CPSB BB Comms communications via email and text messages if the student contact information is up-to-date and accurate. Please ensure that a parent/guardian number is listed in the "Student Cell Phone" field in the Student Progress Center. The field appears on the “phone” page as you confirm your student’s information each year. If you’ve already updated the information, you can recheck this field by selecting “Student Registration Update.” You can visit SPC HERE to make any needed changes to your student's information to receive email and text messages.

    Teacher Contact Information & Email Expectations
    Feel free to contact me at meredith.boullion@cpsb.org. Please allow up to 48 hours for a reply.   

    Embedded Content
    Below are examples of embedded content. When content is embedded, it means that when the source content is edited any changes will be reflected where it is embedded. This can be a time-saving step for teachers. Consider the number of locations where you might update agendas or announcements. If you create one document in Canva, it can be embedded in multiple locations like a teacher website + multiple Canvas courses. When the information needs updating, it can be done in one location - Canva. Changes will be reflected in the multiple locations where it has been embedded. 


About this Page & Editing Your Own Teacher Website

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    Editing Your Own Teacher Website

    To edit your own teacher website, sign into Launchpad and select CPSB Website OR start at www.cpsb.org and scroll to the very bottom of the page and select Admin Login to sign in with your CPSB credentials.

    Once signed into the CPSB website, select your home school from the Our Schools button/menu. Once on your school website, click on the Teacher tab and click the Edit pencil located in the left-side menu. Teachers have several pages they may choose to edit/update. Pages can become active/inactive by clicking on the button. Once on a page, apps can be dragged onto the page to edit. These apps include the ones used on this example page - Heading, Content, and Announcements.

    For more information and step-by-step instructions, the Technology Training Help Videos & Handouts Teacher Websites page. 

    Feel free to contact meredith.boullion@cpsb.org with questions or for assistance.

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