• CPSB AIR (Access to Internet Resources) project offers schools the opportunity to have open “guest” access to CPSB wireless (WiFi) Internet resources. Students and employees will be allowed to bring to school personal WiFi devices—laptops and netbooks — that have no phone capabilities to schools for educational use. The goal of Maplewood Middle School’s A.I.R. Project is to provide student access to Internet resources by increasing the number of Internet-ready devices in the classroom. Students are allowed to bring personal PC laptops and netbooks to school for use in the classrooms of participating teachers. At this time, devices are limited to PC laptops and netbooks only — no iPads, iPod Touches, online readers or other iPod devices will be allowed for accessing the Internet. This opportunity will be the first step in creating truly adequate and appropriate access for 21st century learning environments and, eventually, a dynamic district-wide digital learning culture.

    Students and parents must attend an orientation seminar to participate in the project. Only students whose parent(s) has/have attended the seminar will be allowed to participate in the A.I.R. Project.
    For more information regarding AIR, please watch the video below. You will need to install the quicktime player before viewing.