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Visit Our Website | SEPTEMBER 29, 2022
Volume 23, ISSUE 7

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 six productivity tech tips
		1Windows split screen
Turn a single monitor into two fully functioning screens with Windows 10 split screen. While you have multiple windows open, select one of the windows you'd like to use and press the Windows key + left or right arrow key at the same time. Then, select another open window to display with it. Drag the divider to make either window larger or smaller.
			2 EDGE QR CODE GENERATOR Open a website in the Edge browser. Then, 
click in the URL address field to generate 
a QR code. The QR code can be downloaded or screen snipped to use for mobile device scanning.

3 ONEDRIVE file request
Create a OneDrive folder to use as a digital inbox for others to upload files. Using OneDrive on the web via Launchpad or www.office.com, first click + to create a New folder and name it. Then, click on the 3 Action dots to select Request files. Provide a name, then copy the link to share with others. Files will be uploaded directly into your OneDrive folder.
			4 COPY/PASTE MULTIPLE CLIPBOARD ITEMS Copy and paste multiple items with the Windows key + V to copy instead of Ctrl + C. This retains multiple items in the clipboard for access to paste.
copy/paste  multiple clipboard ITEMs
Save a document or website as a PDF using the Microsoft Print to PDF feature. With a document open or while on a website, click Ctrl + P for the print utility to open. From the Printer drop-down menu, select Microsoft Print to PDF, then name the file accordingly and select where to save.

			6 express yourself with an emoji keyboard
Insert emoji characters anywhere you type with the emoji keyboard. Use the Windows key + . period) to access an emoji keyboard. Type a word or phrase for suggested emoji. Available whenever text input is accessible.

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