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Visit Our Website | OCTOBER 6, 2022
Volume 23, ISSUE 8

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October is CYBERSECURITY Awareness Month

Each week in October, Tech Connect will focus on a different critical cybersecurity topic. 

Week 1: Multifactor Authentication (MFA)
Week 2: Strong Passwords
Week 3: Identifying and Responding to Phishing Attempts
Week 4: Importance of Updates

CPSB employees who read through the information will find one challenge question at the end. Those who submit the correct response earn an entry to WIN one of 5 iPads to be given away. During the month, each person can earn up to 4 entries with 4 correct responses each week. 

Take a moment to read about this week's topic, then submit the correct response to the challenge question for a chance to WIN one of 5 iPads to be given away to CPSB employees!

Signing into online accounts with a username and password authenticates, or proves, to the service that you are who you say you are. 

Unfortunately, one username and password is no longer enough protection. Cyber criminals are often able to figure out username and password combinations - especially when they are simple or follow a pattern.
What is MFA?
Multi-factor authentication (MFA) provides a second username and password before users can access an account, making it more challenging for cyber criminals.

In 2021, the education/research industry averaged 1,605 attacks per week in 2021. 
It takes an attacker two days, on average, to penetrate a company's internal network.
The main route of an attack in 71% of companies is primarily due to simple passwords being used, making it easier for cyber criminals to infiltrate and damage a network. 
Cyber crime cost US businesses more than $6.9 billion in 2021.
According to the article Alarming Cyber Statistics for 
Mid-Year 2022 That You Need to Know (Forbes, Jun 3, 2022):
Why use MFA?

MFA provides an extra layer of cybersecurity for the safety of not only your account, but the security of the entire district. It is CRITICAL that common sense prevails, and users approve authentication requests ONLY when they are, in fact, trying to sign into a CPSB resource.

If you need information or assistance with MFA in CPSB, visit the CPSB Tech Help MFA Instructions website by clicking HERE or call 217-4357 for support from a Tech Help Desk Technician.

Multi-factor authentication, MFA, helps protect against cybercrimes. Users should take advantage of this extra layer of cybersecurity when it is available to protect their personal information, like when banking, filing online insurance, etc.

Click the question mark to respond to this week's challenge question. If correct, you'll earn an entry to win one of five (5) iPads to be given away. One entry per week permitted. 

Winners will be drawn from all correct responses to the four weekly challenge questions shared in Tech Connect during the month of October. Winners will be notified by email and announced in Tech Connect. Good luck!
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