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Visit Our Website | OCTOBER 27, 2022
Volume 23, ISSUE 11

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October is CYBERSECURITY Awareness Month Week 4: Identifying and Responding to PHishing Attempts

Each week in October, Tech Connect will focus on a different critical cybersecurity topic. 

Week 1: Multifactor Authentication (MFA)
Week 2: Strong Passwords
Week 3: Digital Citizenship Week 
Week 4: Identifying and Responding to Phishing Attempts

CPSB employees who read through the information will find one challenge question at the end. Those who submit the correct response earn an entry to WIN one of 5 iPads to be given away. During the month, each person can earn up to 4 entries with 4 correct responses each week. 

Take a moment to read about this week's topic, then submit the correct response to the challenge question for a chance to WIN one of 5 iPads to be given away to CPSB employees!

Digital Citizenship Week, started by Common Sense Education ten years ago, occurring on the third week of October, is a week set aside to, highlight the importance of helping kids, families, and teachers navigate our 24/7 digital world.

Common Sense Education is one of several resources where educators can find information and educational content organized by grade levels PreK-2, 3rd-5th, 6th-8th, and 9th-12th. 

Digital citizenship skills transfer beyond the classroom into the real world, making it a meaningful element of learning that can be integrated into daily lessons without having to be taught in isolation. 1:1 learning environments provide many opportunities to model and promote good digital citizenship.
what is digital citizenship week?

Consists of email attempts usually intended to target an organization's network.	USB
When someone uses a USB drive to install malicious malware onto a computer. SMISHING
When a cybercriminal uses text messages to gain information. 
Using a person's job role to manipulate them. TAILGAITING
When a hacker bypasses security doors/gates to gain unauthorized access.VISHING 
When a cybercriminal attempts to gain information through a phone. 

Scammers and cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated with their attempts to manipulate people into providing information. This is called social engineering. Watch out for these types of attacks.
digital attackS
in-person attackS
REMAIN VIGILANT TO prevent AN attack.
stop, look, and think. 
Avoid DIGITAL social pressure or demands.

If you suspect that an email message may be a phishing attempt, it probably is. Don't take the bait!

Avoid opening it and NEVER click on attachments or links in the message. Don't forward the email, simply delete. 

Phishy email can be reported in Outlook. To do so, right-click on the message in your Inbox and select Report > Report phishing as shown in image on the left.
what to do if you suspect an email is a phishing attempt

Click the question mark to respond to this week's challenge question. If correct, you'll earn an entry to win one of five (5) iPads to be given away. One entry per week permitted. 

Winners will be drawn from all correct responses to the four weekly challenge questions shared in Tech Connect during the month of October. Winners will be notified by email and announced in Tech Connect. Good luck!
ready for the challenge question?

Top of the Hour Tech THURSDAY
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Join us for a 15 minute Teams Meeting at the top of any hour for a quick 15-minute demo of how to use Pear Deck.
TODAY, October 27th is a

Book Me! is a program provided by the CPSB Technology Training Center. It allows teachers the opportunity to schedule 15-minute virtual meetings to gain support on any  

of the technological resources supported by the CPSB Technology Training Center.  


To schedule a meeting with a trainer at your convenience, click the Book Me! button. 


book me!

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