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Visit Our Website | JANUARY 19, 2023
Volume 23, ISSUE 20

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1. Click Assignments.

2. Then, click the Create button to select Assignment from the pop-up menu.

3. Give the New assignment a title and add instructions if needed.
7. Select Due date information before clicking to Save or Assign.
Correct words per minute
mispronunciations, omissions, insertions, 
repetitions, self-corrections
Accuracy rate
To get started, first, teachers need a Class Team. To get one, put in an incidentIQ Tech Help ticket at www.cpsb.org/helpticket. 
Click on +New Ticket.
Select Software/Online Systems.
Click on Microsoft Teams.
Select Team Requests > Request a Team.
In the description, let them know you need a Class Team before submitting.
STEP 1: Get a Class Team
STEP 3: Add Students to the Class Team
Click the ... beside the team name.
Select Add member.
Search the CPSB directory for your students to add.
STEP 6: Teacher Reviews the Assignment Submission
Once students submit assignments, teachers can click on Assignments to review student submissions. 

Teachers can click on each student to review, edit, and provide feedback before returning back to students.
STEP 5: Students Complete the Assignment
If students will be reading aloud in the classroom with laptops it is suggested that they use the desktop Teams app with a headset with microphone if available. 

If students are using iPads, teachers need to ensure the device already has the Teams app installed. Students will need to sign into the Teams app the first time on their assigned iPad, but the app will hold their credentials for subsequent use.

Once in Teams, students can click on Assignments to locate and launch. Remind students to click to Submit when finished.
Once you have a Class Team, you'll want to set up the team before adding students since they will be able to access the Team as soon as they are added.
Click the ... beside the team name 
Select Manage team.
Click the Settings tab to adjust Member permissions and Fun stuff as desired. Settings can be adjusted at any time.
Teachers also have the ability to restrict students from posting in the General channel.
4. Click the ... beside the General channel to  select Manage channel. 5. Set Permissions so that Only owners can post messages.
STEP 2: Set Up Class Team
Get Started
Once students are added, you are ready to create a Reading Progress Assignment.
STEP 4: Create a Reading Progress Assignment
4. Below the instructions, click the paper clip Attach. 
5. Select Reading Progress.
Microsoft Teams & Reading Progress
Transform Teaching & Learning with
Reading Progress, a free tool available in Microsoft Teams, lets teachers assess and track reading fluency within their Class Team. Teachers create a Reading Progress assignment using either one of the ReadWorks sample library or use their own Word or PDF document.  Then, students read the passage out loud while recording video and audio within the Teams assignment, then turn in for teacher review.

Teachers can choose to enable Auto-detect when creating the assignment for AI-powered estimations of student errors including mispronunciations, omissions, repetition, self-corrections, and insertions. By doing so, Reading Progress provides the teacher with a report that includes correct words per minute along with an accuracy rate for the submission as shown in the example below in Step 6.
Click HERE to visit Microsoft Support's step-by-step instructions.
If you have any questions or need assistance, schedule a 15-minute 
Book Me for 1:1 support with a Tech Facilitator at www.cpsb.org/bookme.

6. Next, you'll be prompted to either upload a document or select one from their Sample library. Once selected, you'll adjust the assignment as needed for number of attempts, time limit, and pronunciation sensitivity. Enabling Reading Coach has students practicing missed words before submitting.

Book Me! is a program provided by the CPSB Technology Training Center. It allows teachers the opportunity to schedule 15-minute virtual meetings to gain support on any of the technological resources supported by the CPSB Technology Training Center.  To schedule a meeting with a trainer at your convenience, click the Book Me! button. WHEN YOU need A LITTLE ONE-ON-ONE HELP WITH TECH INTEGRATION... book me!

Meredith Boullion Book me for support click here! Holly Doga Book me for support click here!
Anissa Fontenot Book me for support click here! Ashley Guillory Book me for support click here!
Dana McGee Book me for support click here! Marybeth Sponnier Book me for support click here!

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