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Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Suresh Chiruguru

Dr. Suresh Chiruguru, known more commonly as Dr. Guru, sees endless potential in every student. “I feel it’s a divine privilege to have the opportunity to direct and channel that potential in the right direction; I can help prepare them to be impactful leaders and responsible citizens of society,” he says. Dr. Chiruguru has been teaching since 1997 at various levels of education as a biology teacher, an Instructional Coach, Master Teacher, science peer-coach, technology-lead teacher, mentor, and member of the Instructional Leadership Team at LaGrange High School. Outside of his work in education, he voluntarily serves the greater community as a Pastor of Missions and Evangelism, Bible Teacher, and counselor, holding a Research Doctoral Degree (Ph.D.) in Christian Theology, and an Honorary Doctor of Divinity (D.D.) in recognition of outstanding Global mission work and social service. 

His life as an educator takes many forms across disciplines. He is a general board member of the Louisiana Association of Computer Using Educators (LACUE) 2023-24. He is also the Assistant Director and the Chair of the Scientific Review Committee of the Regional-V Science & Engineering Fair, Louisiana. And as a National Science Teaching Association (NSTA) Advocator, Dr. Chiruguru reviews and rates NSTA resources, public collection, and conference session proposals. “As a life-long learner, I’ve earned several advanced degrees, including a Research Doctoral Degree in Christian Theology, a Professional Doctoral Degree in Management (Doctorate in Management Studies), and presented a dissertation on Teaching Practices: Transform Teaching with Innovation & Improvisation,” he says. 

Dr. Chiruguru has been continuously recognized for his teaching through grants and awards. Highlights include LACUE 2022 High School Teacher of the Year, Louisiana Educator Advocacy Development Fellowship Grant recipient, LACUE STAR Presenter (for offering professional development sessions on best practices of Teaching Science and Technology in 21st Century Classroom), and 2011 Vinton High School Teacher of the Year. As a Professor and Teacher Leader, Dr. Chiruguru uses his professional knowledge and experience to design and deliver high-quality content and authentic learning to train students and Student Teachers. Dr. Chiruguru believes teaching has great power. “We can inspire and ignite the spark of creativity that transforms ordinary individuals into entrepreneurs, innovators, leaders, and professionals who design the future world.” 

Access to Technology

  • "My students use individual laptops to access Canvas for their biology courses. In case of any issues with devices, I have two spare laptops for students to use. All assignments and resources are provided through Canvas, where we spend most of our time for both teaching and learning. Canvas supplies a variety of activities and possibilities of presenting their learning through text submission, file upload, audio recording, video submission, etc. In addition, Microsoft 365 tools such as PowerPoint Live, Teams, Forms, Word Live, etc., supply greater interaction and collaboration between students and teachers.  

    Each student cluster table is provided with a surge-protector power strip with multiple outlets for students to use for recharging their devices. I also have a class set of iPads for easy access to interactive activities. My students also have access to the classroom MakerBot 3D Printer for the times when they produce engineering design projects.” 

Student Tech in Action Sway

Technology Integration Video

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