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Degrees and Certifications:

Marier Piper

Mrs. Marier Piper is certified in math and computer literacy. She attended and has earned the following degrees from McNeese State University: MS+30, MAT, MS in Mathematic with a concentration in Computers, BS in Mathematics, as well as a BS in Computer Science. She taught mathematics and computer studies at McNeese for five years, 2002–2007. She has been teaching at LaGrange since 2007, and has taught Biology, Algebra I, Adv. Algebra I, Geometry and Adv. Geometry. She has served as a lead teacher in the Math Department since 2017 and is currently a Peer Coach. 

Access to Technology

  • "While access to technology can provide valuable learning opportunities to students, it is our hope and expectation as educators to positively impact student learning outcomes by integrating technology in our classroom’s instruction. Laptops, iPads and a host of applications are used in our math classroom and classes are more engaging, providing opportunities for all students to interact with the curriculum in a way that is relevant to each student and their learning experience. Some examples include, Kahoot games for bell ringers and exit tickets, Edulastic, Quizlet, and Quizzizz for assessment prep and assessments, Desmos and Geogebra for graphing and manipulating equations, inequalities, and shapes."

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