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Degrees and Certifications:

Revathi Ravikumar

Mrs. Ravikumar initially graduated with a physics degree and later acquired a degree in education, both while in India. She has over twenty years of experience in teaching. While working full time, she studied math at McNeese State University. She is certified to teach math, English, and physical science for grades 6-12. 

She has been employed at CPSB since 2012. She currently teaches math for the LaGrange University Program and has been at LaGrange High School since 2012. Her goal is to inspire students and cites students’ curiosity and enthusiasm as her motivation. Some of the technologies she uses in her classroom are Microsoft Forms, OneNote Class Notebook, DESMOS virtual class, Edulastic, Quizizz, and Tickertape. She enjoys utilizing technology to promote understanding and advance the curriculum. 

Her everyday class period starts with Microsoft Forms and continues in OneNote Class Notebook. She connected her students online with DESMOS virtual class to collaborate and complete unit projects. She assesses them in Edulastic and sometimes uses Quizizz. She uses Tickertape for students to understand the objectives of the lessons she teaches. 

Access to Technology

  • "Technology has made mathematics fun and engaging for my students. I utilize multiple technologies to provide clarity and enhance learning. Students use their iPads to draw and write math problems. This year, with the support of the Calcasieu Parish School Board, the iPads have been replaced by laptops. Students prefer using laptops due to their versatility. My class typically starts with a QR code-enabled bell ringer. The QR code is posted on the outside of the door. Students are in the habit of scanning the QR code while entering the classroom. Every day, the QR code is updated according to the lesson plan. Students solve and submit their answers using the QR code link.

    I use a Promethean ActivPanel as the primary tool for instruction. When I assign practice problems, students are called upon to solve them on the ActivPanel. Another unique tool I use is the 'ticker tape' provided in the ActivPanel. I enter the daily learning objectives via the ticker tape option, allowing it to be displayed as a scrolling text throughout the class hour. 

    Students use Microsoft OneNote, a digital note taking app, to access the lessons, submit homework and absentee work. The Desmos graphing calculator is another excellent tool for virtual class projects that are fun and collaborative. Desmos facilitates a real-time viewing system enabling the students to see their work and their partner's work. This creates room for discussion and improvement in their projects. They can access DESMOS from their phone too. 

    As I learn to use 3D Printers, I have slowly started incorporating them into my curriculum. The novelty of the 3D printer piques students' interest and excitement. In many ways, the use of technology has improved understanding and classroom engagement."

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