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Tena Matthews Williams

Tena Matthews-Williams graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Northwestern State University in May of 2007 where she minored in both Physical Education and English. She started her masters program and began her teaching career in August of 2013. Mrs. Matthews-Williams taught at Ray D. Molo Middle, T.H. Watkins Elementary, and LaGrange High School. Currently, at LaGrange she teaches Speech I and II to 9th-12 graders. She loves challenging her students with problem solving through practical assignments that will assist them in being socially and verbally ready for the challenges they may face in the real world. Technology supports her passion for teaching. Prior to teaching, Mrs. Matthews-Williams played basketball professionally around the world. Mrs. Matthews-Williams resides in Moss Bluff with her husband and two pet dogs. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family, playing sports, giving back to the community and working in her small business.


"Technology is so critical to reaching today's generations because it helps in various ways. It not only engages students but it also contributes to their overall ability to learn a thing." Tena Matthews - Williams

Access to Technology

  • ""In my classroom, we have access to six iPads, a teacher laptop, and two Promethean boards."

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