Kara Fontenot | 4th Grade



Degrees and Certifications:

Kara Fontenot

Kara Fontenot graduated from McNeese State University  in 2013 with a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education.  She spent 5 years teaching 3rd grade math at DeQuincy Elementary School before she moved down to DeQuincy Primary School.  There, Kara taught 2nd grade, Kindergarten, then PreK and in 2020 she added 4th and 5th grade to her certification.  In 2021 Kara went back to DeQuincy Elementary School where she currently teaches 4th grade math.   

Access to Technology

  • "Each student has a laptop and we have a classroom set of iPads. Students use these devices to utilize ST Math, AR, Amplify, and more. On the Fridays that we have an exit Ttcket in math, students create Flips to explain the answers they put on their tickets. Students access Flip by going to my Canvas page. I select about two videos each week to put in a Mixtape and we watch those the following week. We call this 'Flip Friday.' I have a Promethean ActivPanel where I display our Eureka2 lessons. Students are able to come to the panel to solve problems. Both students and teachers use the Red Cat voice amplifier. Each morning, my homeroom students come into class and fill out a morning check-in. There is a Forms page that I have on Canvas. The students log in and answer questions to help me gauge where they are each morning.

Student Tech in Action Sway

Technology Integration Video

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