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Ginny Bailey

Ginny Bailey is the Curriculum Leader and Technology Contact for DeQuincy Middle School. She taught ELA for 10 years and has held the Curriculum Leader position at her school for 7 years. She currently teaches an 8th grade Technology class. This class' main responsibility is to gather information and create slides to go into the video announcements each day. She enjoys learning new uses for technology in education and sharing them with her teachers and students.  


Access to Technology

  • "The technology I use in my classroom with my Tech Team on a daily basis are student laptops, iPads, and the Promethean board. The students use technology to take pictures, edit videos, and submit Canva slides from their iPads and laptops.  We use the Promethean board to project images, videos, and finished announcements in order to see how everything looks and sounds before it is shared with the school. "

Student Tech in Action Sway

Technology Integration Video


How to Participate

    • First, visit all the Virtual Tech Showcase Teacher Webpages and consider how the ideas and resources could be integrated in your own classroom.
    • Then, actively attend the LIVE Tech Showcase Event scheduled on Thursday, May 4th, from 3:30PM-4:30PM.
    • Finally, at the end of the live event, we'll share the CPSB Virtual Tech Showcase Form for teachers to complete in order to be eligible to win an iPad!

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