• Vocabulary 41-60


    The following words will be on the third test. The test format will be a fill in the blank with a word bank. All classes will be tested on these words. Each day I will add that days vocabulary on this announcement until all 20 have been added. The test will be held April 25, 2024.


     Parents/Students: There will be a vocabulary check done on April 23, 2024. Each set of words should be dated as follows with the corresponding vocabulary and each set should be on its own page.



    41. Landscape Horticulture- Deals with producing and using plants to make our outdoor environment more appealing.

    42. Nursery- A place where plants, shrubs, and ornamental trees are grown for transplanting to landscape areas.

    43. Arboretum- A collection of trees arranged in a naturalized fashion.

    44. Horticultural Garden- One that contains an assortment of plants represented by many varieties, arranged to achieve a desirable aesthetic effect.

    45. Botanical Garden- A plant collection habitat.

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  • 4/18/24

    46. Interiorscaping- Use of foliage plants to create pleasing and comfortable areas inside buildings; to create the feeling of outdoors.

    47. Garden Center- The retail sector of the nursery industry.

    48. Environment- All factors that affect the life of living organisms.

    49. Habitat- The place where wildlife live in nature.

    50. Wetland- A swamp, bog, marsh, mire, pond, or other place where water often stands.

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  • 4/19/24

    51. Inland Wetland- Includes freshwater marshes, northern peatlands, southern deep-water swamps, and riparian (stream) wetlands.

    52. Coastal Wetland- Includes tidal salt marshes, tidal freshwater marshes, and mangrove wetlands.

    53. Plant Environment- The above and below ground surroundings of a plant.

    54. Invasive Species- A non-native species (plant, animal, or other) that poses a threat to an ecosystem if it is introduced.

    55. Wildlife- Plant and animal organisms that haven’t been domesticated.

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  • 4/22/24

    56. Tender Plant- A plant that cannot tolerate cool weather.

    57. Hardy Plant- Plants that are less sensitive to temperature extremes.

    58. Hardiness- The ability of a plant to withstand colder temperatures.

    59. Pesticides- A chemical used to control pests.

    60. Pollution- When harmful or degrading materials get into the environment.

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