• Vocabulary 41-60


    The following words will be on the third test. The test format will be a fill in the blank with a word bank. All classes will be tested on these words. Each day I will add that days vocabulary on this announcement until all 20 have been added. The test will be held April 25, 2024.


     Parents/Students: There will be a vocabulary check done on April 23, 2024. Each set of words should be dated as follows with the corresponding vocabulary and each set should be on its own page.



    41. Plant Propagation- The reproduction of new plants from seeds and vegetative parts like leaves, stems, or roots.

    42. Asexual Propagation- The reproduction of new plants from the stems, leaves, or roots of a parent plant.

    43. Sexual Propagation- The reproduction of plants with the use of seeds.

    44. Division- A method of reproduction in which parts of a plant are cut into sections that will grow into new plants naturally.

    45. Budding- A reproduction method done in the spring or fall which joins the single bred scion with a small portion of bark or wood attached with the understock to form one new plant.

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  • 4/18/24

    46. Separation- A propagation method in which natural structures are removed from the parent plant and planted to grow on their own.

    47. Callus- An undifferentiated mass of cells.

    48. Callus Tissue- White tissue that forms over the wounded area of a plant.

    49. Layering- A method of asexual propagation in which the roots are formed on a stem while it is still attached to the parent plant.

    50. Scarification- Breaking or softening a seed coat to allow absorption of moisture.

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  • 4/19/24

    51. Stratification- Placing seeds in a moist soil medium at temperatures between 32°F and 50°F for a certain period of time.

    52. Tissue Culture- A method of growing pieces of plants, called explants, on an artificial medium under sterile conditions.

    53. Explants- Pieces of plants used to grow new plants in tissue culture.

    54. Genetic Engineering- Utilizing biotechnology by gene transfer or genetic manipulation to select and move genetic material from one plant to another.

    55. Plant Crown- The part of the plant at the soil surface from which new shoots or leaves are produced.

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  • 4/22/24

    56. Plantlet- A plant which was created from an explant and grown by tissue culture; has tiny leaves, stems, and roots that have not yet developed into normal-sized parts of the parent plant.

    57. Macronutrient- Those elements that are the most important to growth and must be present in large amounts.

    58. Micronutrient- Trace elements required in smaller amounts for growth.

    59. Active Ingredient- The percent nutrient that is being applied.

    60. Inert Ingredient- The carrier or filler that allows disposition.

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