• Student Course Resources:
    This year, students will be working in the Canvas platform for our class content. Their course calendar and classroom communications take place within Canvas where detailed assignment information is shared with students in the calendar or as an announcement. While parents cannot access these platforms, students have accounts which can be accessed via Launchpad, a single-sign on provider. When accessing Launchpad off the CPSB network, students will prompted to sign in with their CPSB username and password before their dashboard opens. 

    Parent/Guardian Course Resources
    Classroom policies regarding:


    Grading: Student tests are displayed on Canvas throughout the nine weeks. They are allowed to go into Canvas and check their assessments to review their grades. They go on Canvas daily, so they should know how to access it.

    Absenses: Students are required to maintain communication with me if they are expected to be absent. In the case of unexpected absences, students should discuss with the teacher as soon as they return to school. I will not directly speak with a student about missing assignments or grades more than THREE times during the nine weeks. They are given many opportunities to come before school, at lunch or during enrichment periods if their other teacher allows.


    Course Communications
    Parents and legal guardians can receive CPSB REMIND text messages from myself if the student's contact information is up-to-date and accurate.

    I can be contacted by email as well: Melanie.Landry@cbsb.org

    You can visit Student Progress Center HERE to make any needed changes to your student's information to receive email and text messages or check your child's grades.

    Teacher Contact Information
    Feel free to contact me at:  melanie.landry@cpsb.org. Please allow up to 48 hours for a reply.