• Mrs. Beslin- 7th Grade ELA

     7th Grade English, Language Arts (ELA) is designed to involve the student in applying reading, writing, listening, speaking, and viewing skills in an independent manner through meaningful tasks. The four units we will cover this year are The Giver, Written in Bone, Behind the Scenes, and Memoir.  


    Daily Agenda: Unit 1 The Giver (click the link below)

     The Giver Objectives and Agenda.docx

    Daily Agenda: Unit 2 Written in Bone (click the link below)  

    Written in Bone Objectives and Agenda.docx

    Daily Agenda: Unit 3 Behind the Scenes (click the link below)

    Behind the Scenes Objectives and Agenda.docx  

    ***If a student is absent, he or she can also find the daily agenda under the current unit Canvas module***

  • Class Rules:I have included a set of rules and criteria to follow in order to be successful in my class. Seventh grade rules are as follows: 
    1. Enter quietly, get to your seat quickly, and get ready for instruction.
    2. Raise your hand for permission to talk and/or leave seat.
    3. No gum, candy, or other treats unless given by teacher.
    4. Be respectful and courteous at all times.
    5. Stay on task and participate.
    6. Keep your desk and area around your desk neat at all times.
    7. Follow all CPSB/school rules. 

     Some other important things to consider that all students need to be aware of:   

    1. DO NOT pack to leave until INSTRUCTED to do so 
    2. The TEACHER will dismiss the class NOT THE BELL-students will be dismissed by rows
    3. All work turned in must be neat, free from wrinkles and tears.   

    Laptop Rules:In addition to classroom expectations, there are expectations that need to be followed in my classroom when using laptops in my class. Any violations will have your privileges of using the laptop taken away.    

    1. Only go to the apps and websites that have been assigned. There should be no other windows or apps open.
    2. No activity with sound unless you have your own headphones.
    3. Emailing other students during class will automatically cause a student to receive a minor referral and may result in loss of laptop use.
    4. When saving a document, include your name and section in the title.
    5. Close all windows and programs when you are finished.   

  • Grading: Students will be graded in a variety of ways including summative assessment (major tests) as well as formative assessment (daily individual and group work). Rubrics will be given for presentations, projects, and writing assignments so that students always know what is expected of them. Grades will be posted weekly in JCampus. In addition, students will receive returned assignments/grades weekly to record and file in their folder for easy access; these folders will be kept in class. Parents will be notified when students begin to fall behind with grades.  

  • Communication: Communication is extremely important throughout the school year. Please feel free to contact me with any concerns via phone (leave a message with the front office) or email (alyson.beslin@cpsb.org) .