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Visit Our Website | MARCH 9, 2023
Volume 23, ISSUE 26

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iPad Translate App for Conversations
Open the Translate app, then select Conversation.
Select the appropriate conversation languages.
Tap the      microphone icon, then speak in one of the two languages.

When chatting face-to-face, tap         , then Face to Face for each person to see the conversation on their own side.
When having a conversation that requires translation, an iPad with either iPadOS 15 or iPadOS 16 and the iPad Translate App can provide translations.
Source: https://support.apple.com/guide/ipad/translate-text-voice-and-conversations-ipadfa732a83/15.0/ipados/16.0
How to Translate a Conversation Using the Translate App
Multiple Live Translations Using PowerPoint Live
When teachers have multiple ELL students who require translations in their own languages, they can use PowerPoint Live to provide them. Note: Teachers need to be in the proximity of a device with a microphone and provide PowerPoint with permission to access.
Open PowerPoint for the web.
Either open a ready-made presentation or create one with a blank slide.
In the Slide Show ribbon tab, click Presentation Live.
A QR code and a URL will appear for students to either scan or type in their devices' web browser.
As you speak, subtitles will display on the student devices where they can select their language of choice.
Source: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/translator/education/lectures-and-presentations/
How to Use PowerPoint Live for Multiple Language Translations
Open the PowerPoint presentation or just a blank slide if the only need is to provide subtitles or translation.
From the top ribbon, select Slide Show, then Subtitle Settings.
From the drop-down, select the spoken language and the language needed to display. 
Choose where to display the subtitles: bottom, top, below, or above. 
Select Microphone to select the device being used.
Live Translated Subtitles Using PowerPoint Live
PowerPoint allows presenters to add live subtitles. Subtitles can either be presented in the spoken language or translated into a selected language. Note: Teachers need to be in the proximity of a device with a microphone and provide PowerPoint with permission to access.
Source: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/using-microsoft-translator-in-a-presentation-2582d976-97ea-4bf3-af1b-3647d925240a
Translated Subtitles in a PowerPoint Presentation
The ability to communicate information is important. To communicate with others who speak different languages, several tools and features are available in CPSB to help with translations. Below are some options for conversations, translating live with subtitles, translating in multiple languages, and translating text. If you'd like more information or support, join today's Top of the Hour.
Today's Top of the Hour Tech Thursday is about Translation Tools for ELLs. These tools will be showcased by facilitators who are also available for support. Come and go as needed. To join, click anywhere at the top of any hour today, March 9th.
Translate Words or Phrases in Microsoft Word
In a Word document, highlight the text to translate.
From the ribbon, select Review > Translate.
Select your language to see the translation.
Select Insert to replace the highlighted text with the translated text.
Note: This feature is also available in Microsoft 365 PowerPoint and Excel.
Source: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/translate-text-into-a-different-language-287380e4-a56c-48a1-9977-f2dca89ce93f
Tech Tools for

People's Choice Jensen's
Fidget Spinner
Favorite Design
Flying Dragon
January Design Challenge Winners
3D Printing Project
CPSB Technology Department
Students were tasked with designing and printing an object with functioning moving parts using their classroom 3d Printer.
Most Creative Design
Desk/Book Lamp

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