• Kaufman Elementary Literacy Plan


    Literacy Goals: 


    Students’ scoring at grade level will improve by 5%.


    Students' scores on the ELA LEAP Assessment in grades 3-5 will improve by 5%.

    Population Goal:

    SPED students’ scores on the ELA and Math LEAP assessment in grades 3-5 will improve by 5%.



    School System Actions

    School Actions

    Literacy Goals: Increase student outcomes by creating and monitoring literacy goals

    Provide literacy screeners and assessments to schools, including developmental screeners for early childhood sites.

    Students' scores on DIBELS in K-3, and ELA LEAP Assessment in grades 3-5, will improve by 5%.

    Annually collect and analyze multiple data points of student data from developmental and literacy screeners, progress monitoring, diagnostic assessments, and formative and summative assessments at all grade levels. 

    LEAP 360, DIBELS, and End of Unit Assessments (Culminating Writing and CKLA Unit Assessments) are analyzed as progress monitoring throughout the school year.  In addition, teachers review daily formative assessments within their curriculum to inform instruction.



    School System Actions

    School Actions

    Explicit Instruction, Interventions, and Extensions

    Provide teachers and students access to high-quality curriculum and resources for core instruction and interventions.

    All teachers and students in grades K-2 are provided CKLA Skills Strand for foundational skills instruction. In addition, ELA Guidebook is provided for all teachers in grades K-5.

    Develop a literacy schedule that supports the implementation of explicit and literacy instruction, including foundational skills, high-quality interactions, and individualized interventions and support.   

    All schedules provide adequate time for high-quality instructional curriculum implementation.  Also, all schedules provide sixty minutes of instruction time for individualized interventions and support.  Individualized interventions include CKLA Remediation Guide, LIFT Resources, Diverse Learner Supports, and Accelerate Resources.



    School System Actions

    School Actions

    Ongoing Professional Development

    Facilitate ongoing professional development for leaders and teachers aimed at building knowledge and capacity around the science of reading at all grade levels, how to integrate best practices and evidence-based strategies into all classrooms, including instruction for diverse learners and engaging families, and facilitating positive learning environments, including developmentally appropriate materials in early learning settings.

    Leaders and teachers who serve Kindergarten through 3rd grade students have completed or are enrolled in either AIM or LETRS professional development. Teachers in grades 4-5 have been offered the opportunity for the LDOE professional development modules.  Teacher collaboration meetings focus new learning on ensuring best practices from the science of reading body of research.    

    Offer training and resources for teachers and leaders to effectively implement observation tools, facilitate communities of practice, and provide reflective feedback to improve instructional practices.

    School leaders worked with vendors or the Elementary Department to support effective implementation of observation tools, facilitate teacher collaboration meetings, and provide reflective feedback to teachers. 

    Implement the School Support Institute (SSI) for CIR/UIR-A/UIN leaders.




    School System Actions

    School Actions

    Family Literacy Engagement

    Provide access to resources for families to provide literacy support for their children.

    Families were sent a letter to explain their child’s assessment results, along with ideas of how to support their children.

    Increase engagement and communication with families.

    Schoolwide ELA Day for PK-5: Book Character Dress Up, Reading Activity Stations, and Parent Readers;

    United Way Take Home Literacy Kits for PK-5 families;

    Read Across America Day and Family Reading Bingo