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Visit Our Website | MAY 18, 2023
Volume 23, ISSUE 35

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closed for summer:
Digital Tips 
for the End of 
the School Year

 	Import your course	Import your archived JCampus course to a new or existing sandbox
	Work in your sandbox	Modify and/or add content to your sandbox course for upcoming courses
	Import to JCampus	Import content from your sandbox when your upcoming JCampus course(s) become available

Preparing for Summer
Canvas courses generated through JCampus are archived at the end of the current term.
Archived courses are read-only, but content can still be imported sandbox courses or JCampus courses when they become available.
If you want to work on content from an archived course over the summer, you will need to import the existing content into a sandbox course.
Visit the Canvas End of Year Procedures handouts for detailed instructions on moving content between courses.

 Outlook on the Web Email Management
Create a folder by clicking Create new folder at the bottom of the Folders list, naming it 2022-23.
Move messages to retain into the 2022-23 folder or any others according to your method of organization. Select multiple messages by clicking the check circles on the left of the messages,                                                                       to drag and drop multiple messages at once into the folders as needed. 
Scroll through to sort your inbox, moving junk to the Junk Email folder and deleting any unwanted messages.
OneDrive on the Web File Management
Log into Microsoft 365 or click to access from Launchpad.
Select OneDrive, then click My files.
Click +New to create a new folder and name it 2022-23.
Drag and drop files and folders not already synced 
      to OneDrive as needed from the desktop. NOTE: Some
      device images are set for desktop files to automatically sync to one's 
      OneDrive Desktop folder. 
   5.Organize files in OneDrive as needed. NOTE: Pay close attention to   
      Sharing settings because moving files can affect the permissions.

6. For summer, add an Announcement to the Announcements page which, by default, serves as the landing page. You can include a message along with a screen shot of next year's calendar for reference.
7. Click on the Announcements page to edit it. 
8. Next, hover over the Announcements app 
and click the pencil icon to edit.
9. Click New to create a new Announcement.
10. Give it a title like Have a GREAT summer!In the 
body, add a statement about when school begins 
for students. You can even take a screen shot 
of the CPSB 2023-24 District Calendar for reference.
11. To automate Announcements, teachers can select
Start Dates and/or End Dates to prevent having to 
delete them later. 
12. When finished, click Save.
13. Click the preview icon             to see how it looks.

To learn more about how to edit your teacher website, visit www.cpsb.org/techclasses and select Help Videos & Handouts > Teacher Website.
Teacher Website Announcement
From Launchpad, click the CPSB website app to log into your website.
Click the pencil icon located in the tool menu found on the left side of page.
3. Teachers have access to several templated pages to use. Pages can be made Active/Inactive with a click of the button.
4. Click on any page to edit the apps on the page.
5. Websites can be managed with multiple pages or with a single landing page.
TIP: Use the 2023-24 calendar to create Announcements for the end of each 9-week or Report Card dates using the Display Duration feature & have your teacher website be ready and automated for next year!

schedule a 1to1 meeting for support with Book Me

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Office Hours: Monday-Friday 7:45AM-4:00PM
 Find us on Twitter: @CPSB_TTC  Find us on Facebook: CPSB Technology Department

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