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Visit Our Website | OCTOBER 12, 2023
Volume 24, ISSUE 8

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October is

Each week in October, Tech Connect will focus on a different cybersecurity topic.

October 12th: Facts About Cybersecurity
October 19th: Top Tips for Personal Cybersecurity
October 26th: Teaching Cybersecurity in the Classroom

CPSB employees who read through the information will find a challenge question at the end. Those who submit the correct response earn an entry to WIN a prize be given after the month is over. Each person can earn up to 3 entries with 3 correct responses each week. 

Take a moment to read about this week's topic, then submit the correct response to the challenge question for a chance to WIN!

With so many digital resources containing sensitive information, cybersecurity is more important than ever. Here are a few key facts to consider from the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s 2022 Internet Crime Report.

There were 800,944 internet scam complaints in 2022.
The losses due to internet crime in 2022 totaled $10.3 billion.
Phishing was the top crime type in 2022 with a total of 300,497 reports.
In 2022, over $2.7 billion in losses were due to compromised information obtained through business email accounts or computer intrusion techniques.
cybersecurity key statistics

1.Learn to recognize and report phishing messages. Don’t click on or engage with messages that aren’t verifiable as being legitimate.
TIPS for staying SAFE
2.Use strong passwords. The longer and more unique, the better. 
3. Don’t use the same password for all your resources.
4. Turn on multifactor authentication (MFA) whenever possible. It adds an extra layer of security in addition to a password when logging into accounts and apps.
4.Keep software updated. 
5.Never share your credentials with anyone.

CPSB employees can visit www.office.com, or launch Office 365 from Launchpad. Once on the dashboard, a click on their profile in the top right to select View account provides the ability to:
managing your cpsb account
Disable a lost device and review connected devices.
Update MFA verification methods and security info.
Change password.
Personalize settings and manage privacy.
Review recent sign-in activity.

Keeping your CPSB credentials private and your password complex are critical components to remaining safe. Never use the same password for any other resource as it puts your account, and the district, at risk. 

If you suspect that your CPSB login information may be compromised, change your password immediately. 

If you need information or assistance with cybersecurity issues in CPSB, call 217-4357 for support from a Tech Help Desk Technician.

Click the question mark to respond to this week's challenge question. If correct, you'll earn an entry to win one of the prizes to be given away. One entry per week permitted. 

Winners will be drawn from all correct responses to the weekly challenge questions shared in Tech Connect during the month of October. Winners will be notified by email and announced in Tech Connect. Good luck!

In observation of October as DigCit & Cybersecurity Awareness month, learn how easy it is to use Canvas Studio Video Quizzes to support DigCit and Cybersecurity in your classroom. Integrate it your classroom as described when it makes sense for you anytime this school year. Then, share for a chance to win a bag of teacher swag! Bag contains:
an assortment of teacher conference swag 
a Makerspace Experience voucher for a field trip or for your classroom
classroom posters
custom 3D printed teacher gift
Winners will be selected at random from all entries by the end of each month through May. Participate when you want, as often as you'd like for your chance to WIN!
This month, learn how easy it is to use  Canvas Studio Video Quizzes to support Digital Citizenship and Cybersecurity in your classroom.

Learn how to use Pear Deck. 
Then, create a Pear Deck slide to use with your students to observe Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Month.
social-emotional learning (SEL) month
september’s swag bag winner!

Thank you to all who submitted entries to win in September.  Congratulations to Wyllieshia Dunbar, a teacher at Positive Connections, who integrated Pear Deck to support a social-emotional lesson on respect. She will receive a swag bag that includes a computer monitor, a Sphero robot, a 3D printed award, and a certificate for a Makerspace Experience.
5. When you have copied all the slides you would like to use into your presentation, you are ready to click the Present with Pear Deck button to begin a session.
6. Once Present with Pear Deck is clicked, you'll have the option to select the lesson mode to be either Student-Paced or Instructor-Paced. Select Instructor-Paced for this activity.
Pear Deck provides many other templates beyond SEL. It's easy for teachers to integrate in their presentations, and easy for students to join a session. With 1:1 student devices in the district, Pear Deck engages students and provides teachers with immediate feedback from students to help guide them through learning.  If you'd like a little more guidance or support before trying it in your classroom, schedule a one-on-one virtual meeting at your convenience with a facilitator at www.cpsb.org/bookme.  

It’s not too late to learn how to use Pear Deck to support SEL. Entries for all monthly topics are open through the end of the school year so you can learn how to integrate a tech tool when it makes the most sense for you.
If you decide to conduct a Pear Deck SEL activity with students at any time this school year, take a few screen shots to submit in the form found in the Win a Bag of Teacher Swag OneNote notebook accessed with the QR code or by clicking HERE.

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