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Visit Our Website | FEBRUARY 29, 2024
Volume 24, ISSUE 25

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5 things to know about Microsoft Search Coach
Search Coach is available in Microsoft Teams for Education. This Learning Accelerator helps students learn how to form effective search queries, find trusted sites and think critically.
Explore the collection of Search Coach and information literacy
lesson plans to inspire your next classroom activity or take-home exercises.
Search Coach data is automatically uploaded to Education Insights to analyze student search data. Educators 
can explore student and class search trends 
like common search terms and how often 
students only open the first result.
Customize Search Coach for your class by enabling select filters like Domains, File types, Date Range, and Operators, or restrict search results to fact-checking sites or a list of your own.
Access Search Coach within a class team in Microsoft Teams for Education. Add it as a tab by clicking the “+” at the top of any Microsoft Teams for Education class channel. Search for Search Coach, select it, and then choose “Save.”
NewsGuard, a tool that shows students trust ratings for news and information sites, is embedded in 
Search Coach. NewsGuard evaluates a site’s credibility and transparency.
Start using Microsoft Search Coach in your own Class Team. 
To get a Microsoft Class Team, submit an incidentIQ Tech Help ticket. 
For 1:1 support, visit www.cpsb.org/bookme.
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“In a world that is increasingly dependent on online resources, and continually threatened by false and misleading information, Search Coach is a tool that provides context and guidance for students to ask effective questions and discover reliable sources.”

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