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Visit Our Website | APRIL 18, 2024
Volume 24, ISSUE 31

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Teachers can create Guest Speaker groups and create different topics for invited guests to contribute short videos to share with students. 

When creating a group for guest speakers, select Adult, then name it Guest Speakers. Once the group is made, add Topics as prompts for different guests, then share the Topic links via email invitations to contribute.   

Topics can be made to inform students about different careers, motivate students to do their best, or for guests to read poems or stories to students.
This year, Teacher Appreciation Week is May 6 - May 10. Teachers can invite students to share the ways they appreciate their teachers, administrators, counselors, secretaries, custodians, cafeteria staff, support staff, or anyone else worth appreciating. 

When creating an appreciation group, choose your grade level, then invite students to join the group with a link or add student email addresses with a CSV file. Once in the group, students will see all the different topics created by their teacher. 

As a best practice when creating topics, be sure to select Submit to Educator when creating topics to ensure all student content is reviewed by the teacher before being made available to others in the Group or Topic. 

Also, to protect student privacy, it’s important that student videos don’t contain their faces or any other personally identifiable information before the videos are shared with others. To share the messages, teachers create Mixtapes and send the link for viewing.
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Finally, teachers can create a group created with reflection topics and invite students to contribute their thoughts about the school year and plans for the future.
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Reach out to your school’s Tech Facilitator for assistance or visit www.cpsb.org/bookme to schedule a 1:1 virtual meeting for support.

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