• Dropout Prevention & Recovery

    Recent policy revisions to the Dropout Prevention and Recovery ACT approved by the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education require several actions to take place at the school and school district level.
     All high schools throughout Louisiana with a graduation rate below 80% have prepared dropout prevention plans and submitted those plans to the State Department of Education.
     All school districts will post the last official graduation rate information of each high school to the district website.
    The last official information from the Louisiana State Department of Education reflects rates in 2009. Preliminary rates for 2010 will become final and official in the summer of 2011. The posting of information will be updated annually as statistics are finalized.

     The Dropout Prevention and Recovery Act also requires high schools to report cohort dropout rates (percentage of students who withdraw from school without completing high school) and the annual retention rate (i.e. percentage of 9th grade students who must repeat the 9th grade).
    The graduation rate is the percentage of students entering a high school as freshmen in a specific year and graduating as a class four years later with a regular diploma. This group of students is referred to as a “four year graduation cohort”.
     Those freshmen that count against the graduation rate include students in the cohort who drop out, complete high school with less than a regular diploma (i.e. GED, Skills Certificate, Certificate of Achievement) and those that graduate after their cohort graduates (i.e. a student taking more than four years to earn a diploma).

     Calcasieu Parish’s most recent graduation rate as finalized and made official by the Louisiana Department of Education is 80.2%. (2009)
     The graduation rate of the State of Louisiana is 66.6%. (2009)
     Graduation Rate for Barbe High School is 86.9%. (2009)
     Graduation Rate for Bell City High School is 89.4%. (2009)
     Graduation Rate for DeQuincy High School is 79.5. (2009)
     Graduation Rate for Iowa High School is 81.7%. (2009)
     Graduation Rate for LaGrange High School is 68.7%. (2009)
     Graduation Rate for Sam Houston High School is 85.5%. (2009)
     Graduation Rate for Starks High School is 93.3%. (2009)
     Graduation Rate for Sulphur High School is 84.2%. (2009)
     Graduation Rate for Vinton High School is 81.3%. (2009)
     Graduation Rate for Washington Marion Magnet High School is 66.5% (2009)
     Graduation Rate for Westlake High School is 88.8%. (2009)