• In Calcasieu Parish Middle Schools, the curriculum is the primary vehicle for achieving the goals and objectives of each school. In all middle schools, the curriculum embraces all aspects of each school’s educational program. It includes those specific classes designed to advance academic skills and knowledge as well as guidance services, clubs, music, art, student council, honor societies, and sports. Middle school curriculum places emphasis on the unique characteristics of young adolescents, is developmentally responsive, challenging, and exploratory.
    Due to the developmental diversity in middle level classrooms, the curriculum is geared to the students’ level of understanding. Teachers use flexible grouping and scheduling to create the appropriate opportunities for students to learn and achieve. Students are clustered for different purposes such as interests, learning styles, ability, and at times randomly. Learning strategies are rich in activities that are hands-on, actively involving students in the learning process. Direct instruction includes demonstrations, simulations and independent studies. In order to meet the needs of students, teachers collaborate among regular and special education teachers, counselors, parents, and the students themselves. Students are encouraged to make decisions about achievement goals, track their progress, and become responsible for making appropriate choices.
    Technology-rich middle schools encourage higher-order thinking by offering different avenues for learning. The available technology is integrated into the curriculum serving as a tool to access information to allow real world resources to enhance learning in the classroom.
    Exploratory curriculum enables students to discover their talents, preferences, and interests as they prepare for high school and beyond. These experiences can also promote enriching leisure-time activities as well as lifetime physical activities.
    Calcasieu Parish Middle Schools strive to create an environment where young adolescents can learn as well as grow socially and emotionally during this formative period of their lives. With support from teachers, parents, and other important adults in their lives, middle level students will experience academic success, form core values, and learn skills to support them as they enter into the next stage of their academic careers.