When a student arrives at a Vocational Center, They are expected to remain at that site until the normal time of departure.
    Students Who miss the bus from their home school to the Vocational Center will be given an unexcused absence.
    Many of our courses have shops which require the student to dress in clothes appropriate to the trade. The student must have a set of work clothes that they will leave in a locker provided for them. It is very important that the student understands that failure to dress in appropirate work clothes will result in an unsatisfactory grade for the day and can result in disciplinary action.
    For safety purposes, all students attending Vocational Centers will be required to wear footwear that encloses the intire foot, without holes, slits or straps at all times on the Vocational Center campus. No 'Crocs', shower shoes, slippers , skele-toe, or sandals, etc. Only closed-toe, full back shoes can be worn on campus.
    A well-trainied worker is a safe worker. All safety rules set by the instructor must be observed at all times. Departmental safety rules and regulations are explained and/or posted by the instructor in each shop. Students are expected to know and follow all safety rules.
    All visitors must check in through the front office before being allowed on campus.