• Mission

    Calcasieu Parish School System is continually in pursuit of opportunities that will lead to additional funding for programs that will meet and address the needs of the students and instructional staff of Calcasieu Parish Schools.

    The mission of the Grants Department is to maximize resources available to the school district in order to improve educational opportunities which improve student learning, support the school improvement plans, and to ensure accountability in the use of those resources.

    Calcasieu Parish employees seeking school grants from external sources must obtain approval from the district prior to submitting a grant proposal. Teachers may apply for some grants to obtain specific items for classroom use without district approval. Questions about whether a grant needs to be approved by the district before applying may be referred to Maureen Kelly at 337.217.4090 ext. 1206. Grants that go to the Board need to be processed by the Grants Department at least several weeks before their due date.


    • Disseminate grant funding opportunities from local, state, federal and private sources to schools and the district;
    • Providing technical assistance, proposal review, and writing assistance;
    • Coordinate inter-departmental grant proposal development;
    • Submit grant proposals to funding agencies on behalf of schools and the district;
    • Produce various reports and publications for the School Board, the district, and schools;
    • Monitor federal legislation, appropriations and regulatory actions that affect grant programs;
    • Assist with development/submittal of grant program performance reports to agencies;
    • Administer grants received by the district and/or individual schools;
    • Work closely with the accounting department to coordinate submission of requested program and fiscal reports by grantors