• Calcasieu Parish School System

    Honor Graduate Policy


    Beginning with the freshman class of 2010-2011 (Senior Class of 2013-2014), students who desire Honors status must meet the guidelines outlined below. The Honors GPA calculation is based on the 5.0 GPA.


    A.                Honors GPA Positions


    1.         Summa Cum Laude                3.90-4.00+ G. P. A.

    2.         Magna Cum Laude                 3.70-3.89   G. P. A.

    3.         Cum Laude                             3.50-3.69   G. P. A.


    B.                 Curriculum Requirements


    The course requirements for Louisiana’s TOPS Opportunity Scholarship eligibility will be required of CPSS honor graduates.


    C.                 Enrollment Status


    Students must be enrolled in a state approved high school the final two years leading to graduation.