• About Online Learning

    Online learning is defined as: “structured learning activities that utilize technology with Internet-based tools and resources as the delivery method for instruction, research, assessment, and communication.”  Online learning is one of the most important advancements transforming education in the U.S.  It is an important 21st century skill.


    Online courses expand student  opportunities and access to high quality, rigorous academic courses such as Advanced Placement courses.  Online public schools and courses offered through online are among the fastest growing areas of education.  K-12 online learning and virtual public schools are experiencing steady growth and high demand from students, teachers, and parents.  there are over 147 virtual charter schools with more than 65,00 students in 18 states.


    The  Advanced Placement courses offered to students in Calcasieu Parish Schools are developed by highly qualified Louisiana Certified Teachers and Advanced Placement trained.  Online courses are developed within an educational web-based secure platform called Blackboard that enables teachers to design lessons, manage students and course materials, and assess student work within the course.


    Advanced Placement Online courses are designed according to the criteria set by the College Board Advanced Placement program. The courses are designed to address varied learning styles and fully utilizing technology and internet resources.  The textbooks used for AP delivery have CD’s, and companion websites that include interactive simulations, video, study guides, tutorials and practice quizzes.


    Students schedule AP online courses through their schools and receive their textbooks, workbooks and other course materials at their schools.  Online courses are scheduled at the student’s school usually in a computer lab.  Students are monitored by a teacher facilitator. The facilitator is a certified Louisiana teacher.  The facilitator monitors students as they work at the computers.    Students log into a secure Blackboard course shell. They access course materials such as assignments, lectures, video, study guides and audio files from within the secure course shell.  The Blackboard course platform records attendance and areas the students visit when they log into the course .  Students submit their assignments and projects within the course shell.  Students communicate with the instructor and other students asynchronous (not on line at the same time) within the course shell using the discussion board.  Students are able to access the course from a computer at anytime, from anywhere.  The course instructor designs and sets-up online tests.  Students log into the course to take all their tests. The course instructor evaluates student work and assigns grades.