• Is Online Learning Right For You?

    1.Are you self-motivated and self-disciplined?Yes ___No ___
    2.Are you comfortable using a computer?Yes ___No ___
    3.Can you enlist support from people around you when you need help?Yes ___No ___
    4.Can you organize your time so that you have regular work periods to complete online assignments?Yes ___No ___
    5.Can you maintain open communication with your online instructor?Yes ___No ___
    6.Can you stay on-task when doing schoolwork at home?Yes ___No ___
    7.Do you stay focused when using the Internet for learning?Yes ___No ___
    8.Do you understand that an online class can be just as challenging as the same course offered face to face?Yes ___No ___
    9.Are you willing to commit yourself to completing assigned tasks on time?Yes ___No ___
    10.Are you willing to commit extra time to the improvement of your study skills?Yes ___No ___
    11.Do you enjoy reading and writing?Yes ___No ___
    12Are you comfortable using e-mail to communicate with others?Yes ___No ___

    If there are more "no" than "yes" responses, Advanced Placement (AP) may not be the right choice for you. 
    Please talk with your parents, teachers, and counselor to help make the best decision for you.