• CPSB Advanced Placement Online Course Facilitators


    Responsibilities for Facilitators

    • Make sure that the computers are correctly set-up.

    1.      Make sure that all the student computers are updated and have the software students require for the course. 


    • Communicate any technical problems to tech support

    2.      Contact Tech Support if there are any technical problems with the computers or the Internet connections.


    • Make sure students are logging in correctly.  Have students review the course Orientation


    • Make sure students are accessing the course information.

    1.      Have students review the course Orientation.  Make sure the students check the Course Announcements every day.  Instructors may email you a copy of the daily/weekly Course Announcements.


    • Inform the Online Instructor by phone or email of any disruption of online instruction such as school functions, school approved field trips, school assemblies, problems with the Internet.


    • Distribute course materials.

    1.      Make sure student have all the required textbooks, software, CD’s, and other instructional materials required by the Instructor.

    • Monitor and mentor students.

    1.      Maintain an appropriate classroom discipline and an appropriate learning environment for the students,

    2.      Minimize external interruptions,

    3.      Ensure students are on task,

    4.      Maintain academic honesty,

    5.      Mentor students by helping them navigate through the online course, using their textbook and other learning materials such as CD’s and flash drives.


    • Proctor exams and student class work.

    1.      Make sure students are properly prepared to take a test; they have calculators, pens, scratch paper it necessary. 

    2.      Make sure students have the password for the test if the test is password protected. 

    3.      Ensure academic honesty during test.

    4.      Ensure academic honesty. 

    5.      Monitor and interact with students to make sure students are doing their own work at all times. 

    • Communicate between instructor, students, principal, parents, and counselors.
    1. Inform the Online Instructor of any problems with students such as absences, problems keeping up with work, or any problems that interfere with their performance in the online course. 
    2. Inform parents, counselors, and/or principal of any problems that impair the student’s ability to be successful in the course. 
    • Facilitator inputs student grades into Pentamation or report grades to guidance counselors.
    • Facilitator provides parents and students with progress grade reports and 6 weeks grades.
    • Collect course materials at the end of term. 
    1. Facilitators should make a check list of materials distributed to the students at the beginning of the term and make sure these materials are returned at the end of the term.

    Download a copy:
    School Site Facilitator Responsibilities Word Document