• Goals and Objectives of the Gifted Program in Calcasieu Parish

    Goal I

    The gifted program will develop within each individual a desire for excellence, a sense of individual worth, and a responsibility to self and to society.


    The gifted program will:

    1. help students determine excellence.

    2. help students be aware of their responsibility to their gifts and talents to improve themselves and society.

    3. help students become aware of their strengths.

    4. provide trained personnel who are willing to accept gifted students as individuals with special needs and abilities.

    Goal II

    The gifted program will provide a curriculum that uses a program of experiences for the gifted learner which differs from the regular school program.


    The curriculum in gifted education will:

    1. be compact and accelerated.

    2. reflect a higher degree of complexity than the regular classroom.

    3. provide a framework for further study and activity.

    4. provide centers that are equipped with differentiated materials.

    5. provide an environment that allows for maximum development of the gifted child’s thinking, learning, and creative abilities.

    6. perpetually change to meet immediate and long-range needs of gifted students.

    7. provide for differentiated learning experiences not offered in the regular classroom.

    8. be flexible.

    9. provide for high level thinking skills, creative skills, and group processes.

    10. use community resource personnel and field trips to enhance the program.

    11. use a variety of instructional alternatives in presenting the curriculum.

    12. provide enrichment.

    Goal III

    The gifted program will use input from a variety of sources to evaluate its effectiveness.


    Evaluation of the gifted program will include:

    1. developing and using instruments for students, parents, teachers in regular education, and teachers in the gifted program.

    2. reviewing and improving the program.

    Goal IV

    The gifted program will provide support for teachers of academically gifted students.


    Support for teachers in the gifted education program will provide:

    1. opportunities for preservice education.

    2. continuing inservice education.

    3. opportunities to participate in local, state, regional, and national conferences specifically related to gifted education.

    Goal V

    The gifted program will provide positive public relations.


    Personnel involved in providing a program for academically gifted will:

    1. share information with regular education personnel in order to develop a better understanding concerning characteristics and needs of gifted students.

    2. disseminate information regarding the program to the public through all news media.

    3. support the Association for Gifted and Talented Students.

    4. inform parents concerning the nature of the program and the continuing progress of the individual student.