•  Demerits

    Demerits will be issued for inappropriate behavior, both in and out of school, for being tardy for meetings, for unexcused absences at general meetings, for signing up for an event and not showing up and not calling the responsible coordinator. 

    More than 4 demerits will result in probation. 2 more will result in expulsion from the club: 

    4 tardies = 1 demerit 

    1 Unexcused absence = 1 demerit 

    Inappropriate behavior during a meeting = 1 demerit 

    Inappropriate behavior during a community service event = 2 demerits 

    Not showing up for an event = 2 demerits

    Non-participation in service projects = 2 demerits (will also not be able to go to the State Convention) 


    Students are expected to abide by the Dekalb County Code of Conduct at all events. You are an ambassador at these events and you represent Vinton High School. If you do not abide by all the rules and regulations you will be immediately placed on probation. You conduct will be reviewed by the club officers and the sponsors and they will make a final decision.