• CPSB Emergency Information Line - 217-INFO (4636)
    Hotline activated during school emergencies and parish evacuations.

    The goal of Emergency Management is to keep schools safe and conducive to learning.

    School safety is EVERYONE’S responsibility. Staff, students, parents and the entire community need to report any safety concerns to a school administrator.

    The Calcasieu Parish School Board is committed to providing safe school environments for all students, staff members, and visitors. We work closely with our community partners - police, fire, medical, public health, and mental health - to ensure that we are prepared for emergencies. Schools have comprehensive Emergency Management plans that align with local, state, and federal responders in order to facilitate an immediate response in any crisis situation that may occur in our schools.

    School Messenger is a communication system that allows school district administrators to deliver important information immediately via telephone to parents and employees for both emergency and non-emergency situations. Up to six phone numbers are allowed for each person.

    When a school emergency occurs...

    Parents can get critical information and directions by doing the following BEFORE GOING TO THE SCHOOL OR SCENE OF THE EMERGENCY.

    • Visit the CPSB website (www.cpsb.org) and Facebook page (www.facebook.com/CPSBPS)
    • Tune into KPLC television station for news alerts
    • Call the CPSB Emergency Information Line – 337-217-4636
    • Listen to local radio stations

    It is critical that accurate and timely information and directions be delivered by school officials during an emergency. The Calcasieu Parish School Board is committed to releasing information to parents, the public, and the news media as soon as it is available.

    How can parents prepare for a school emergency?

    1. Remember in any crisis situation, a student can be released only to an adult that is documented as an emergency contact and can show proper identification.
    2. Provide accurate emergency contact information to your child’s school and notify the school if it changes.
    3. Keep updated by reading messages on the Calcasieu Parish School Board website www.cpsb.org or in school newsletters, websites, or notices.

    Emergency Descriptions

    LOCKDOWNS occur when internal or external threats exist. Exterior and interior doors are locked with staff and students in secured areas until an all clear is given. If possible, signs are posted to alert parents and visitors about the lockdown.

    SHELTER-IN-PLACE assures student safety when schools are alerted that hazardous materials may have been released into the atmosphere and evacuation or dismissal is not advisable. Safe areas are identified in schools where refuge can be taken until it is safe to release students. 

    EVACUATION procedures at each school include alternate locations and procedures where parents can be reunited with their child. Parents will be directed through the news media or district website to a specific location where they will be required to show proper identification such as a driver’s license or other photo identification.

    RECOVERY is the longest phase of emergency management, lasting until the physical environment, students, and staff have returned to a sound physical and emotional state. Trained school and volunteer community mental health professionals will assist students, staff, and families in the event that a school emergency occurs.